Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Impressions

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve played Heroes of the Storm.  Today, I finally had the chance to sit down and discover all the new things that have come with the recent 2.0 patch. While the core gameplay remains the same, there’s a bunch of new additions like heroes and maps.  The biggest update though is Loot Chests, and they want your money.

After logging in, I was brought to a screen that tallied my hero level (which was 180), and converted it to 80 (I guess that makes sense?).  I received 1000 gems, a bunch of regular and epic loot boxes.  These contain all the kinds of things you’ve come to expect from Overwatch.  There’s all kinds of new things that have been added; voice overs, sprays, banners, portraits, heroes, skins, EVERYTHING.  Leveling a Hero increases your Player Level and also nabs you a Loot Chest.  You can now acquire Shards from Loot Chests to unlock cosmetic items.  Gold you get from matches & quests can still be used to unlock Heroes.  Gems can be bought with real money to purchase Heroes and featured items in your Collection (you still with me?).  Blizzard was kind enough to give us 100 gems to buy ourselves a Hero Bundle for free.  You can pick from 4 different bundles; Assassins, Support & Specialist, Flex, or Tanks & Bruisers.  If you haven’t played in awhile, getting 20 heroes for free is a pretty sweet incentive to jump back in.

maxresdefault (7)

My first match back in, I gave Genji a try.  He retains all of his abilities from Overwatch.  You can deflect attacks, throw shurikens and unleash his Dragon Blade.  I didn’t get to play the new Hanamura map, but I did get to play a Starcraft themed level that I had never been to before.  You have to capture satellites that will summon a Zerg rush for your team.  Depending on how many satellites you control it could be a stronger rush then your enemy.  This map could have come out forever ago and I’m just discovering it now.  If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes I apologize…. it’s been awhile.


Overall, it’s the same Heroes you loved (or hated) before.  The Loot Chests are a cool addition.  It’s nice being able to level a character and get a bunch of different things instead of the typical gold.  The downside is I can see people spending lots of cash on them, trying to acquire everything the game has to offer.  It does keep support for the game alive, so if people are willing to pay, all the power to them.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep leveling my Heroes the old fashioned way to get my chests for free.

With Heroes 2.0, it makes me wonder why they haven’t included some kind of store for Diablo 3.  It’s the only Blizzard game I play frequently, but we just keep getting stuck with seasons over and over.  Maybe Diablo could get some love if they implemented something like this.  Then, everyone could buy things from the store so I would get some more frequent content updates for my cheap ass.  It’s wishful thinking (I’m kidding……sorta). – NVJ

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