Call of Duty WWII HYPE

What was simple curiosity has turned into full blown hype, easily making this one of my must play games of the year.  I’m actually excited for a Call of Duty game again.  After Black Ops 2, I experienced some major franchise fatigue.  COD had become the SAW of video games for me, having an annual release every year with minimal changes to the gameplay.  I have to admit I haven’t played a COD game since Black Ops 2.  Let’s just say things have changed, and I will definitely be pre-ordering this installment for beta access this summer.  The first trailer released today shows off some amazing in game graphics and intense firefights.  You can check it out below.

Of all the games in the series, Call of Duty 2 was my favourite.  Before there were Perks and Killstreaks, it was basic warfare.  You had your guns and your wits, that was it.  Snipers were one shot kills no matter where they hit you.  It was a blast, but it became more convoluted as the series went on.  I’m sure this iteration is going to have perks and the like, but I’m stoked to see COD going back to its World War 2 roots.  Battlefield 1 proved that it could take place in the past and tell an engaging, heartfelt story, combined with the great multiplayer experience we’ve come to expect.  Coming from developer Sledgehammer Games (COD: Advanced Warfare, Deadspace), I’m expecting some horrifying things to happen during the duration of the campaign (Deadspace had some pretty messed up stuff).  Call of Duty has become more and more over the top as the series has gone on, so I’m interested to see how the war is handled in this one.  War should be scary.  Battlefield 1 made it’s mark with some straight up tear jerking moments, there was weight to the campaign.  We can only hope Call of Duty WWII will follow suit.


Sledgehammer looks like they’re capturing the magic that made the Call of Duty series so great before.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta.  The year started out strong for games, I’m still trying to catch up on a bunch of new releases.  I need to win the lottery or something, because things don’t look like they’re going to slow down. – NVJ

Call of Duty WWII launches on PS4, Xbox One & PC November 3rd, 2017.

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