Top 10 Heroes from the Marvel Heroes Omega – PS4 Closed Beta

With 37 playable Heroes available right now (with more to come), there’s no shortage of love to go around.  Swapping between them is easy, and half the fun is discovering which ones fit your style.  All of them play like their comic book counterparts and have unique abilities that suit them well.  They even have witty things to say to one another in Avengers Tower or while you’re fighting in the Savage Land with your teammates.  Gazillion has done a great job making it feel like an authentic Marvel experience.  I’ve tried them all, but the 10 that made the list are the ones I keep going back to again and again.  Let’s get to it!

#10 – Gambit

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424201645

With a mixture of Bo attacks and his kinetic energy.  The Ragin’ Cajun is an excellent choice.  His ultimate allows him to rain down a flurry of cards on his enemies, followed by Rogue joining up with him to help out for a bit.

#9 – Ghost Rider

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424201730

To say Ghost Rider is a blast to play is an understatement.  Fire literally fills the screen.  You can pull enemies in with your chain to get up close and personal, or launch fire balls from afar.  You feel like a badass playing as him.  Once you unlock his travel mode, you can cruise around on his motorcycle in style.  If you want to see Johnny Blaze in action, you can watch him duke it out with the Green Goblin here.

#8 – Scarlet Witch

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424201615

Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with.  Her mind bending powers look great and cause lots of destruction.  One of her talents at level 44 for her skill “Ravenous Binding” replaces the slowing debuff with a rapid healing buff for all allies.  This makes her indispensable among higher level groups.

#7 – Deadpool

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424195905

You had to know the “Merc with a mouth” was going to make the list.  The guy doesn’t shut up, constantly making remarks to the other Heroes.  It’s hilarious, classic Deadpool.  He drives around on a moped while in travel mode, which is probably the greatest thing ever.  When he fires his twin pistols, he even finds the time to stand on his head while doing it.  The only downside is that everyone is playing Deadpool, so you don’t really standout among the crowd.  A full group of Wade Wilson’s however, does look hilarious when in battle.

#6 – Blade

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424195600

Blade is unique in the sense that he starts to lose health if you don’t inject him with his serum.  It keeps the “thirst” at bay.  This serum also provides the vampire hunter with other benefits like damage bonus and faster attack/movement speed.  Later on, Blade gets access to some explosives that can cause some serious damage over time.

#5 – Magik

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424124301

Younger sister to X-Men’s Colossus.  Magik is a solid choice.  Using a sword to cut down her enemies, she can also cast magic, teleport, and summon demons to fight with her.  If you haven’t heard of Magik, give her a shot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Now, hurry up Fox and put her in an X-Men movie.

#4 – Ant-Man

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424122359

If you squint your eyes, you may catch a glimpse of Hank Pym (or Scott Lang, depending on what skin you’re wearing).  His army of ants on the other hand, are very apparent.  Summoning them to do your bidding feels amazing.  His ultimate attack is the “Antnado” which is an insane widespread tornado full of the little creepy crawlies.  Most of his attacks involve him shrinking down in size, shooting like a pinball back and forth between enemies.  This makes Ant-Man unique to play and really sets him apart from the other heroes.

#3 – Squirrel Girl

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424123805

Yes that’s Squirrel Girl…….. and yes, that’s an army of squirrels charging into battle with her.  It looks as ridiculous as it sounds, but man can she do some damage.  Her squirrels attack constantly, you can shoot squirrels at the enemies, there’s literally squirrels everywhere.  It’s a riot.  She also has some mean damage over time attacks, making her a formidable member to the team.

#2 – Rocket Raccoon

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424122809

Rocket is great, but he’s only one part of the duo that is Rocket & Groot.  Luckily for us, the talking tree makes an appearance as an ability.  You can summon him to help you fight in battle.  Plus, if you have the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 skin, you get the adorable Baby Groot instead of the adult one.  Rocket starts off with his little blasters, but not after long does he get access to some of the bigger weapons in his arsenal, which of course means bigger explosions for everyone.

#1 – Spider-Man

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170424123327

The web-slinger takes the top spot.  He looks great and his move set is fantastic.  You really feel like Spidey when you play as him.  His attack “Amazing Smash” allows him to web up numerous foes, whip them in the air over his head and smash them into the ground for a ton of damage.  It’s awesome.  His Symbiote costume looks great too (pictured above) if you do decide to pick up all the Founder’s Packs to unlock it.

That’s it for my favourites!  Which Heroes do you like to play as?  Let us know in the comments below.  Also, be sure to check out our first impressions on Gazillions excellent action RPG. – NVJ


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