Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta – PS4 First Impressions

Since its launch back in 2013 on PC, Marvel Heroes has seen some substantial gameplay and content updates.  I was one of the early adopters for the PC version.  I had played the initial beta pretty early, and months later ended up purchasing the Spider-Man Founder’s Pack when the game was about to launch.  I loved it.  I equipped my Scarlet-Spider costume and made my mark on the world.  The game completely immersed me in the MCU.  I’m happy to report that Marvel Heroes Omega makes a great transition to consoles.  It plays awesome and this version even has couch co-op!  I honestly can’t wait to log back in and start bashing some Hydra heads.

The game opens up a bit different for this version.  On PC, you started off at the Raft, which culminated in a battle with the Green Goblin at the end.  This time it opens up on the streets of New York.  As you make your way through the chaos, battling Ultrons minions, you switch between Captain American, Black Widow, and Hulk.  This serves as a tutorial, showing off some cool moves, especially from the World Breaker (he can punch the ground, causing shockwaves to attack multiple foes).  Once you’ve reached the end there’s a quick battle against Ultron and then you’re on the way to the Raft to pick up where the original started.  This is where things start to feel familiar.  It retreads the same story beats as the PC version, with Dr. Doom having control of the Cosmic Cube.  He wants to shape the world to his liking, and you’re out to stop him.  All the big names in the MCU come out for this one.  Even obscure characters like Living Laser show up to battle.  It doesn’t try to shy away from the absurdity that is the MCU, Doc Ock has his hilarious green tights on when he shows up and it just feels right (as right as skin tight green spandex can feel).


After spending a few hours with the game, my Spider-Man (with Symbiote costume equipped) is currently level 15 and on his way to Madripoor.  Everything feels great with the controller.  After you’ve gained more than four abilities, a quick press of L2 will switch you to your next set of skills on the fly.  Firing webs on the ground to snare my enemies, then following it up with a barrage of punches and machine gun fire web attacks is satisfying.  The skill trees have been streamlined.  You unlock different skills as you level, but you no longer have to put in points for the abilities you want to make stronger.  This gives it a Diablo 3 feel, where you can’t break your character.  It allows experimenting with all your different skills, switching it up for certain situations.  Travelling through the various areas is easy and it’s always neat to see other players running around, and being able to form parties is quick and simple.  The big highlight for this release though is the couch co-op.  My daughter and I were kicking butt within minutes, with the option to invite other players to join us.  I’ve always been a fan of couch co-op,  so this is an amazing addition.

Causing some mayhem with the crew.

If you’re looking to gain access to the Closed Beta, you’ll have to purchase one of the Founder’s Packs from the Playstation Store.  There are currently 6 available as of right now; Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Deadpool and the PS Plus exclusive War Machine.  They come with extra costumes and $5 (500G) worth of in game currency.  This currency can be used to buy heroes, costumes, etc.  If you want some extra G’s, you have the option to purchase them.  If you decide to buy all the Founder’s Packs, you will get the badass Symbiote Spider-Man costume (it feels like you’re playing as Venom, even the webs you shoot look like black tar) and Iron Fist as a playable character.  It’s a pretty steep price to purchase them all, but considering the amount of gameplay and content you’re getting, even just buying the cheapest pack which is War Machine for $16 is a great deal.  If you’re not interested in dropping cash, you can always try your chance at securing access to the beta by entering the sweepstakes being held here, or wait until it’s free to play when it officially launches sometime this year.


For comic book fans, this game is a dream come true.  It’s great to see it finally on consoles, the transition seamless.  Gazillion has really outdone themselves.  It’s a blast to play.  With a huge roster of Heroes (and more on the way), couch co-op, and great gameplay, I can see myself slinging webs for years to come. – NVJ


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