SNES Classic Releasing This Christmas

When Nintendo announced they were halting production on the NES Classic, I think everyone was wondering the same thing.  What the hell is Nintendo thinking?  This thing was never available in stores.  The minute one was available everyone was all over it.  The Ebay prices for it were astronomical.  It was something I really wanted to get a hold of but never had the chance, and now you’re telling me it’s gone??  It seemed like a bad idea, one that left a bitter taste in my mouth.  But rumor has it there’s a new classic on the horizon.  It’s one that I will absolutely be getting my grubby little mitts on.  According to Eurogamer, development is already underway and we’re looking at a Christmas release.  I’ll be that guy waiting in line, in the snow (I did it for the Wii, I can do it again… maybe.  I’m not as young as I used to be). The Super Nintendo is in my top 3 consoles of all time.  There are so many memories that come with it, so many classic games.  It hits me right in the childhood.  Right now I currently own a Super Famicom.  When I’m not playing Persona 5 on PS4, I like to dabble in some Final Fantasy V or Seiken Densetsu 3 (if you want to read up more on my love for Seiken Densetsu, and how the series may be coming to the U.S for the Nintendo Switch, click here).

My Beautiful Super Famicom
Loki also wanted to be in the picture (I think he’s jealous)

When I heard there was a chance of the SNES Classic releasing this year, my mind started racing.  What games would come with it?  How much would it cost?  Will they be prepared for shortages this time?  So many things to think about.  It’s also got me thinking further down the road to the N64 Classic (you know it’s gonna happen).  Who knows, maybe Sony will catch on and release a Playstation Classic (if this is the case, just take all my money, right now).  My only wish is that we would get the Famicom version.  It’s just so much cooler looking then the one the U.S got, with its boring grey and purple color scheme.  I guess it’s a small price to pay so long as I get to play my favorite SNES games again, in HD quality.

I’m going to compile a Top Ten list of the games I want on the SNES Classic, so check back to see if any of yours show up on there.  I’ll also update this post as more info comes available.  Hopefully Nintendo has learned from their mistakes with the NES Classic and will deliver a product that won’t be so scarce.  It would be nice if everyone could enjoy it (especially me…. sorry not sorry). – NVJ


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