Community Spotlight: Huntin 4 Games

I figured I would start something new this week.  I’m going to cover different internet personalities that I love watching/reading and the content they put out.  If you guys know anyone that you feel should get some spotlight, let me know in the comments below or throw an email my way.  I’ll be sure to check them out!

This week we’re taking a look at Huntin 4 Games.  Since 2015, he’s been putting out all kinds of gaming videos on Youtube; reviews, news, tips, tricks, all that good stuff.  He’s also very connected to his followers, responding and actively engaging with comments left on his videos.  Recently the channel hit 3000 subscribers (no small feat) and is continuing to grow.  How I came about Huntin 4 Games was this video:

It brought back so many memories of when I played Final Fantasy 11.  I was completely and totally obsessed with it.  Camping in Valkurm Dunes, fighting crabs with a full party for hours (seriously, that was a thing).  Red Mage/White Mage was my class of choice (I’m stoked that I will be able to play a Red Mage again in the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 expansion: Stormblood).  This video actually convinced me to start a new character on PC (I played on the PS2 but support for that version is done).  His passion for this 15 year old game ultimately pulled me back in.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for the classics.  It’s crazy how much this game has changed over the years.  Had it not been for this video I probably never would have given it another chance.

Huntin 4 Games is hilarious.  Not only that but he’s constantly putting out content that I want to check out.  He recently started a “Let’s Plays Throwback Thursday” which featured Brave Fencer Musashi (a classic Squaresoft action RPG on the PS1, and one of my all time favourites), so how can you not love the guy?  It’s this combination of jokes and nostalgia, old and new that will keep me coming back.

Places you can follow Huntin 4 Games:

That’s it for Community Spotlight this week!  Until next time. – NVJ

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