Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Announcement Trailer

This is exciting news PS4 owners!  As someone who was an early adopter for the PC version (got myself the Spider-Man start pack) it’s going to be great to dive back into the Marvel universe on consoles.  I haven’t played the PC version in years, but I have been looking for a Diablo style RPG on consoles (I’m way too invested in the PC version of Diablo 3 to even bother starting on consoles, there’s no point).  However, even if you’re a console Diablo player, the free to play model for this is a great incentive to get in on the action without worrying about your wallet.  Gazillion has been updating the game frequently with loads of new content over the years so there will be plenty to do at launch.  The first trailer for it can be seen below, with a closed beta announcement coming soon.

I hope there’s some way to link my PC account and the heroes/skins I unlocked, but who knows.  Are you excited to get your loot hunting on with some buddies?  If it’s anything like the PC version, there’s gonna be a ton of Deadpools running around.  Who will you play when it launches?  Let us know! – NVJ

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