Final Fantasy 15 – Episode Gladiolus Review

Episode Gladiolus is the first piece of character DLC to be released for Final Fantasy 15.  This means it has a bit of a precedence to set for all future content to come.  As someone who bought the Collector’s Edition, it’s a welcome addition to FF15, and I’m really looking forward to the next character add-ons.  If you’re on the fence about getting it, it’s only $5 and you get to take part in two of the best boss fights in the entire game, period.


After being defeated by Ravus, Gladio heads out to the Tempering Grounds to battle Gilgamesh in the hopes of  strengthening his mind and body to better protect Noctis.  Length wise it took me just over an hour to complete the story.  You’ll venture through areas battling monsters with Cor at your side.  When you enter the different Trials though, it’s just you against the boss monsters that appear.  Stopping at rest points to save offers moments of peace for Gladio & Cor to talk, though these parts don’t really offer much story wise.  The big selling point for this is the battle against Gilgamesh.  There’s no fight quite like it in the game.  You can’t just mash the attack button and hope to come out alive, there’s dodging and memorizing patterns, it’s a really cool fight that I wish the main game had more of.  After defeating Gilgamesh, you’re rewarded with the Genji blade, for Gladio to use in the main story, an upgrade to his Tempest Glaive Art attack (a devastating move which looks amazing), and two new modes, Score Attack & Final Trial.  Score Attack is essentially what it sounds like.  You fight through the whole DLC and try to boost your total score by using your Glaive Arts when the bonus multiplier is high; and Final Trial pits you against Cor and is arguably the hardest fight in this update.


If you don’t own the season pass, $5 isn’t so bad for some new content.  If it was any higher in price I’d say no.  It won’t take up a ton of your time and story wise it adds a bit of character to Gladio but nothing really fascinating (Episode Prompto looks to be pretty emotional, so hopefully it’ll fill that story void).  However, you do get some cool rewards, the Score Attack mode is fun to go through and the final battle with Gilgamesh (and Cor) is definitely worth the price of admission. – NVJ

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