Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 13 – Verse 2 Impressions (SPOILERS)

As someone who didn’t mind the original Chapter 13 and enjoyed Final Fantasy 15 as a whole, I was a bit skeptical as to how they could “improve” it.  Noctis had been stripped of his powers and you had to fight your way to get them back.  To me, it made sense story and gameplay wise but a lot of people seemed to disagree.  After playing through the updated version, I can’t really say it adds much at all.  Essentially you’re doing the same thing you were doing in the previous Chapter 13, running down hallways and fighting enemies.  It’s a cool addition but if it’s just an extension of the original chapter, you’re still gonna have to go through all the crap you hated, with a bit of Gladiolus action thrown into the mix.  If that’s a good enough update for you, then I guess it was worth it!


What made the trudge through this special for me was the bit of cutscene added that shows you how Ravus died.  It makes his death much more emotional then just finding his body like you did before.  You play as Gladiolus, which is actually really cool.  Ignis follows along with you but he doesn’t really do anything so half the time I forgot he was there.  Gladiolus has his giant great sword and you can use his shield to block incoming attacks.  There’s no teleport attacks like Noctis, it’s just the typical hack and slash mixed in with some strong special attacks like Earth Shatter (you drive the sword into the ground for an aoe) and Tempest (spinning around with your giant sword aoe, lots of aoes).  Ardyn leads you around and you run down hallways, fighting enemies as you go.  After an easy boss fight with Iedolas (who has transformed into a Foras), Ignis says he can hear Noct’s voice and he runs off, with Gladiolus following behind.  That’s it.  It took me around 20 mintues to finish.  Since I only played this section via a “Special” option on the main menu, does it change the actual Chapter 13 in the game?  Let me know in the comments below.  I don’t feel like playing through the entire game again to find out.

I think it’s nice that Square Enix listens to their fans, but this changes nothing as far as Noctis playable part goes(you know, the reason people hated Chapter 13 in the first place).  If they removed that, the story would feel even more disjointed if you just played as Gladiolus.  Honestly, they could have just added that cutscene with Ravus, and it would have been an improvement.  The Gladiolus part just seems pointless.  It feels rushed and tacked on for the sake of pleasing certain people.  Hopefully Episode Gladiolus won’t feel the same. – NVJ

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