Throwback Thursday – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

With the upcoming release of the brand new Power Rangers movie, I thought it would be cool to go back to my childhood and talk about a game that was near and dear to my heart…….  I was wrong.  Let’s just say some memories, should stay memories.


There were many different Power Ranger games.  There was a fighting game for SNES (you fought as the Zords) and one for the Sega Genesis (you got to play as the Green Ranger in that one, which was pretty badass), and also a Mario Kart style racer, to name a few.  I could talk about those, but instead, I’m going to talk about the very first Power Rangers game I ever played.  I remember coming home from school for lunch.  When I went upstairs to say hey to my mom and baby brother; there it was.  My bro was holding it in his hands sitting in his high chair.  It looked like the Holy Grail.  An aura was around this child in front of me.  Mom handed me my alphagetti, kissed the little one on the forehead and I was off downstairs to the game room.  I had to be quick, there was only thirty minutes till I had to be back to class!


Once you’ve started it up, you’re presented with the Power Rangers logo and the catchy theme song.  After a lengthy opening cutscene (kidding, the game literally opens with Rita showing up in the sky…………. and that’s it), you get to pick your Ranger.  There’s no story whatsoever.  I understand, yes it’s a Power Rangers game, but at least some of the later versions gave it their best shot.  Each character doesn’t have any unique skills so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, just pick your favorite and you’ll be on your way.  There’s 5 different areas to fight your way through with some platforming elements to spice it up.  There’s even a level where water rises and you can swim around.  (VARIETY!)  In the water level there’s also these certain parts where you crawl through small tunnels, and the Putty guys come after you through the tunnel with spiked shields.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s not until the very end of the game when things get really interesting and you finally get to call forth the Mega Zord and kick some butt for two, technically three, boss fights.  Once you’re done saving the world you’re treated to an end credits sequence befitting of a hero who has just saved earth from total annihilation.

Honestly, when I was young, I thought this game was the next best thing since sliced bread.  It’s cool transforming into your favorite Ranger mid level, and the Mega Zord fight at the end is decent.  But nowadays, the gameplay is pretty dull.  There’s plenty of other side scrolling beat em ups with more variety.  I can’t recommend this unless you really REALLY want to relive the Power Ranger days of your youth.  Even then, I’m sure there’s other games you could find to scratch that nostalgic itch.  You could just watch the original show on Netflix, that’s a great idea too. Just leave this memory in the past. – NVJ



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