Overwatch & Me

It’s been almost a year since Overwatch first launched.  We (currently) have 24 heroes in the game, we’ve had 4 competitive seasons and Overwatch has reached a staggering 25 million unique player base.  It’s picked up multiple awards, such as; Best Design, Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design, Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay, and Action Game of the Year.  Also, did I mention I love it?  Since it’s launched, I’ve clocked around 110 hours in Quick Play, 5 hours total in competitive. While I may be a competitive player by nature, I find that playing in competitive in this game can get a little stressful.  The toxicity and hate comes out full force, so I’d rather just avoid it when I can.  I’ve also dabbled quite a bit in Arcade.  Anything from 1v1’s, to Capture the Flag and Mystery Heroes.  A ton of players always say they have a “main”.  I usually just play the role that’s needed.  Take one for the team if you know what I mean.
Blizzard has been graciously adding new content, events, updates, and bug fixes.  For a game that cost $60, this is amazing.  It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Blizzard though.  When there’s a bug that takes more than a day to fix, or when the content that the community thought was going to be released, gets pushed back, people flip.  Now, while this shows we’re passionate about the game, sometimes we (majorly) over do it.  Blizzard has experience with this and while we can get a little crazy over things, they know that it’s only because we love the game so much (right Blizzard?).


The Esports scene for Overwatch is still in its infancy, but it’s growing at an alarming rate.  According to, $2,258, 167.20 in prize money has been awarded from across 327 tournaments.  The top 5 teams are Team EnVy Us, Rogue, Misfits and of course Cloud9, with more teams still coming out of the wood work all the time.  You can count on there always being something to watch.  Tournaments are happening constantly, at least once a week, if not more.  If you’ve got a tight group of people you play with, who knows, maybe one day your team could be claiming some of that prize money.

Overall, I think Blizzard has struck gold with this franchise.  As a company, I respect them.  They listen to their community and have an active role in bringing the best possible experience that they can to you.  For its first year I think it’s doing pretty damn well.  What are your thoughts on the future of the game?  I think it has a long life ahead of it, and I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds. – ES

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