Destiny: Age of Triumph

About two weeks ago I uninstalled Destiny because it was taking up too much space on my ps4.  Looks like I’m gonna have to make some room for it again.  Bungie released a teaser trailer today for the Age of Triumph update (trailer is here and once again my hype for Destiny has kicked in.  My group of friends and I cleared the new raid pretty quickly when it first launched.  We were running normal/hard mode consistently for about 2 months before we were burnt out with it.  After that we tried our hand at Trials of Osiris but could never get to the lighthouse.  I should have known something like this was coming but I really needed the space for Horizon.  This is very exciting news for us Guardians, it looks like Bungie has been listening.  exotic-vex-mythoclast

We are getting a whole new record book but it seems to be attached to the old content and raids.  The trailer was very brief so who knows what they will announce on Wednesday, March 8th.  I’m guessing the old raid weapons will be light level 400.   Could they be bringing back the Vex Mythoclast?   That would be awesome.  We’ve 0nly got a couple of days to wait before we find out.  I’ll be watching the live stream and I’ll post an update on it after it’s finished.  Time to free up some space! – NVJ

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