Logan Review

It’s been 17 years since Hugh Jackman became Wolverine.  For the most part, the character hasn’t really changed over the course of all the X-Men films.  He branched off into his own set of movies but even then he was still the same Wolverine.  With the release of Logan, we are introduced to this Wolverine we’ve never seen before.  He’s fed up with the world.  He’s always had this edge but it was never like this.  He’s a guy who just doesn’t care anymore.  The days are spent driving a limo, his time off is spent taking care of a sick Professor Xavier.  Even Professor X is pissed off, spending his time locked up because he’s lost control of his psychic powers.  It isn’t until they meet the young Laura/X-23 (played by newcomer Dafne Keen) that they are given a reason to live.  It’s very much in the vein of The Last Of Us.  It’s a great story to tell, it fits the Logan character perfectly, it’s just so damn depressing.


It’s also extremely violent and relentless.  Logan goes to some very dark places.   It’s the Wolverine movie we’ve always wanted since that X-Men Origins: Wolverine game that came out back in 2009.  Limbs are flying off everywhere, heaps of blood and gore, it’s quite the display of ultra violence.  It was exhausting watching Hugh Jackman go through everything that he does in this film.  It’s a hell of a performance and it’d be a shame if he didn’t some kind of award nomination.  Dafne Keen is phenomenal as X-23/Laura.  She is full of rage and anger, even more so then Logan.  She steals the show, tearing the enemies apart and attacking with such ferocity, it throws you off.  She’s so cute and innocent that when you see her walking with a severed head in her hand, you don’t know whether to give her a hug or run away in terror.  Patrick Stewart gives a heartbreaking performance as Professor X.  He cares for Laura and Logan, but he’s vulnerable.  He’s lived a life of helping other mutants and now he’s the one that needs taking care of.  The rest of the cast is great but it’s definitely the Logan/Laura/Professor show.


Logan is a harrowing experience.  It’s a win for comic book movies.  It shows that you can tell a deep and mature story with these characters.  It’s The Dark Knight of Marvel films.  The only complaint I have with it is that I needed to scrub myself clean after watching it.   At least with Deadpool it was funny…. it was dark……but it was funny.  This movie is jet black.  It’s very serious.  There’s nothing remotely positive I can think about in this film, it’s all doom and gloom.  I’m thankful that we have the “other” X-Men movies and the MCU/DCEU.  At least we have those for escapism.  It’s nice to get these serious takes on our heroes every now and then but I don’t want all my superhero movies this gut wrenching.  Who knows, now that Fox is making bank with these R rated superhero films, maybe we’ll get that R rated Fantastic Four movie we’ve always wanted! (kidding). – NVJ

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