Prepping for final Dark Souls 3 DLC

March 28th is fast approaching.  The day we get the final piece of DLC for Dark Souls 3, and the final piece of Dark Souls content period.  If you haven’t watched the announcement trailer you can check it out here (  I’ve got hopes that this is just some joke and we will at some point get a Dark Souls 4, or a remaster of Demon Souls.  More than likely we will be getting Bloodborne 2 before any of that though, which is fine.  I’m happy with any Souls type experiences (I’ve yet to try Nioh but it’s on my list of must plays).  As of late, I’ve been spending some time going through Dark Souls 3 again, plowing my way through everything with my level 219 character.  I think we’re all still in the dark as to where the DLC will be accessed, but it’s been noted by the developers that you should have at least cleared Lothric Castle.  I’ve got plenty of time to get there.


Ashes of Ariandel was awesome, the final boss fight ranks up there with some of my favorite boss fights of all time.  I have no doubts this next batch of content will be a great adventure to take part in.  It’s always fun going to a new area and having your butt kicked countless ways as you try to adapt to your new surroundings.  It’s probably the main reason I love RPGs as much as I do.  It’s even more so prominent in the Dark Souls series.  You scrounge for whatever gear you can find and persevere, or die trying.  Currently, with my beefy tank, there really is no challenge anymore.  I can’t wait to scrounge and persevere again, gets me all giddy.  So with the expansion we have the typical fodder, new weapons, armor, spells (no miracles sadly) and a new pvp arena along with the new story areas.  I’m always fond of switching my gear around or seeing what new ones we can pick up, wearing them like a badge of honor for getting through the content.  There’s a giant shield you can get as seen here which looks bananas.  Can’t wait to get my hands on that beast.


It’s sad that it’s the end (maybe not) for the Souls series but it’s got me excited for the future.  I’m excited to see what From Software can cook up next.  What kind of delicious horrors they are waiting to unleash on us.  Maybe they will take us back to the Tenchu series, I’d be down for that.  Maybe it won’t be a difficult game, maybe we are looking at getting another installment in the Cookies & Creme series.  Who knows, it could be a hardcore installment of Cookies & Creme in the vein of Dark Souls…… ok nobody wants that.  From has built themselves up with an impressive pedigree.  No matter what we get next, I’m pretty sure we can all agree, it’s going to blow our minds. -NVJ

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