Red is rude.

So I finally got to meet Red.  I guess I should have known she would be a pain because everyone referred to her as a great thief.  After having a conversation with her, she asked us to retrieve the Venus Tear from the Swordmans Labyrinth.  It turns out Yangus was supposed to get it for her many years ago and never did end up getting it for her so now it’s time for him to live up to that promise.  In return we should get Madea and the carriage back.  I’m thinking probably not.  The Swordsmans Labyrinth wasn’t too hard, just tedious.  It’s a maze trying to navigate without a map but luckily I tried to open a fake door that threw me backwards down a hole, which landed me right in front of the chest containing the map for the Labyrinth!


This made things way easier.  I just charged my way through to the Venus Tear chest and got into a battle with the Trap Box.  You’ll know you’ve almost killed it when it starts “attacking in desperation.  When that starts popping up you’re really close to victory.  Once we had retrieved the tear we made our way back to Red.  Of course, she didn’t want the tear she just wanted the horse (I KNEW IT!).  But after Yangus groveled at her feet she just ended up giving Madea and the carriage back anyways (I WAS WRONG!).  We went back to Pickham to talk to Brains to see if he knew anything about Dhoulmagus.  Apparently he was seen walking across the sea  (CREEPY!).  I saved my game for now and I’m taking a break but it seems we are headed back to the port and then west to find a magical ship that will take us across.  No one is willing to travel due to all the monsters messing about in the sea, so this is our only viable option right now.  (THANK YOU MAGICAL SHIP!). – NVJ

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