New patch for Final Fantasy 15

It’s a tiny one!  But at least we are getting little bits here and there until the Gladiolus episode in March.  Apparently we got a new fishing rod and bait and a weapon which I have yet to find.  The biggest draw for me however is these Time Quests they have introduced.  The timed quest today is a bounty for Cactuar and Slactuar.  You have to kill 100 of these guys, I’m level 99 so they were a bit of a cake walk.  They do attack you with their needles that can cause confusion among your team.  They just felt like a pain in the butt, I could see if you were a lower level they could cause a problem.  The reward isn’t too bad: 10,000 xp – 333 AP – 150,000 gil and 2 Oracle Acension Coins.  The xp and coins I could do without but damn that AP and gil is nice.  The quest is repeatable too which is cool.  I feel like this is something I will continue doing, the next timed quest is available March 6th.  It’s a great way to get those 333 AP skills if you’ve been missing out.  If you don’t mind killing these buggers a few more times you could max your teams skills out pretty quickly.ff15

I’ve seen a ton of backlash towards these timed quests.  I understand it’s a single player game and timed content seems silly.  In the grand scheme of things though it’s peanuts compared to other games withholding content (I’m looking at you Assassins Creed….and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  THAT…..well that, we can save for another time).  They’re releasing these kinds of things for free.  There are the premium stuff that comes with the season pass, but they’re still releasing the stuff, just limited.  A lot of it is just skins and what not.  It really isn’t that big of a deal.  Set aside a bit of time and have a go at the timed quest, they seem to be giving a ton of time in between each one.  If you’re not willing to set the time aside to do it then you’ve probably already lost interest in the game.  At least they aren’t hiding the hard mode behind a pay wall (ZELDAAA!!! Ok i’m fine…. I’m fine).  It is a cool idea though when you think about it, they could literally support the game for years to come.  How cool would that have been back in the day, the good ol’ days, when Final Fantasy  7 was out.  They patched in an update where you could keep Aeris on your team for the whole game, or Sephiroth was playable or have Cloud wear a chocobo suit.  The possibilities are endless!  I know they have these kinds of things on PC with mods but I’m mostly a console gamer.  I guess these are the times now.  We live in an age where free content is given to us and we complain about it.  Yes it could have just been put in the game to start but at least it’s free.  Lets just all get along and go fight some cactuar maybe one time, maybe two times, and then move on.  I’ll save my rant about paid content for another day.  Anyways, until next time! – NVJ

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