Samurai in FF 14

So the EU Final Fantasy Fest was yesterday!  I spent the whole day bed ridden with a vicious stomach flu.  This morning I’m about 70% better, but who cares cause STORMBLOOD! That extended Stormblood trailer was awesome!  They finally announced Samurai which is really cool.  I’m a little disappointed we aren’t getting any healer or tank jobs for the xpac.  I was dying to play Red Mage but now I feel that the dps ques are going to be horrendously long.  Usually it’s like a 10-15 minute wait, but now I fear it’s going to be even longer.  Maybe I’ll just stick to my Paladin for awhile and get him to 70.  He’s what I play mostly now.  When Heavensward launched I only played Dark Knight, but now Paladin seems like such a viable choice, I’m really enjoying playing the sword and shield tank again.


I know there was a ton of speculation as to whether Samurai would be a tank class but it does make sense to have it as a dps.  It was a great dps for Final Fantasy 11.  I’m sure it will all balance itself out in the end.  The guys I play with only have dps as their level 60s.  So when we run stuff, if it’s a dungeon, only two of them can run it with me at a time.  My brother has been leveling his Gladiator though so if he can get to 60, my scholar is 55.  We could have a proper group for the xpac.  I know our two friends want to play Samurai so it could work out.  I’m not worried though, the new areas look gorgeous!  I’m excited to explore them, Heavensward was beautiful but the Foundation was so dreary, it made sense in the grand scheme of the story but I can’t wait to be where all the sun is.  Exploring underwater as well.  The expansion seems to be bringing some cool changes, as long as we don’t get stuck with that whole underwater area like in World of Warcrafts Cataclysm I’ll be happy.  If there is something like that I hope it’s just a dungeon.  I heard a rumor that a patch was supposed to drop in March, not sure if it will be the one to tie Heavensward into Stormblood but who knows.  Maybe we will be lucky enough to get one more patch after that to tie us over until Stormblood launches in June.  Definitely going to pick up the Collectors Edition and get that Lapras looking mount.  I just hope the story leading into Stormblood is as crazy bananas as the one that led into Heavensward.  All the betrayal going on in Ul Dah was awesome.  Just don’t kill anymore of my favourite characters, I don’t know if my heart can handle anymore after the most recent patch.  Let’s just keep everyone alive, ok Yoshi P? – NVJ

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