FF 14 Fan Fest tomorrow :)

So it turns out the King of Ascantha has been mourning the passing of his wife, the Queen, for 2 years now.  After a lengthy quest involving the group going to another realm to ask for the help of Ishmari, a man that knows why you’re there and offers to help encourage the king to get back on his feet.  With everything back to normal and the King at peace with his wifes death, the group heads for Pickham, Yangus’s hometown.  On the way there we came across an Italian man with a crazy looking outfit who asks us to fight notorious monsters for him.  I’m sure I’ll get to that side quest at some point but onward to Pickham!  The King wants a drink and heads to the pub, after searching the town for this guy that apparently knows everything about everything.  No luck.  The group heads to the pub to inform the King and in the process his daughter (the horse) has been kidnapped.  After searching the town for what seemed like forever, I finally came across the guy that sold the princess to this black market dealer.   After searching for the black market dealer for forever, I found him behind the bar.  It turns out he already sold the princess to a thief that Yangus knows named “Red”.  Our quest now takes us south-west to find this thief and get the princess back!

fan_fest_logoIn other non-dragon quest news, I’ve been playing a bunch more Final Fantasy 14.  Currently I’ve been helping my brother and his two friends catch up on the story content, as well as running the rest of the Alexander raid with them.  I’ve been caught up for quite a bit now as far as the main story quests and Alexander.  It’s always nice going back though and running the old content.  The story has always been epic in that game and I’ve always wanted a long running Final Fantasy so let’s hope Square-Enix can keep rocking the content.  We’ve got the European Fan Festival happening tomorrow.  Will be interesting to see what new things they are announcing for the next expansion.  My fingers are crossed that Samurai gets announced but who knows, everyone is saying Blue Mage.  Whatever it is I’m stoked, talk to you guys tomorrow! – NVJ

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