More Dragon Quest 8!

Dragon Quest 8 still has me in its clutches.  The soundtrack is fantastic.  I would have to say it’s up there with my favourite game soundtracks of all time, Final Fantasy 8 & Chrono Trigger.  After clearing the Tower of Alexandria I hit level 11 and made my way to the port.  When I arrived I found Jessica who coerced me into fighting a giant squid named Khalamari (it even talks to each of its tentacles like puppets which is hilarious).  After dispatching him quickly, we made our way to Pereguin Quay.  I was also taught by King Trode on how to use the Alchemy Pot.  I’m able to combine items and equipment to form more powerful pieces of gear.


After a quick trot down the road I came across Maella Abbey.  The Templars who were guarding the Abbot were pretty rude and told us to leave.  We then came across the town of Simpleton.  A hilarious bar fight ensued between Yangus, Jessica and 3 thugs and we were introduced to Angelo, the final character that will join our party.  When we get back to the abbey it turns out that Dhoulmagus is there and he’s inside the Abbots chambers.  Angelo then asks us to go through a secret underground tunnel that will take us to the Abbots chambers.  Now, this is where I’m stuck.  I’ve gone up against this Tortured soul guy twice now and he’s wrecked me.  I’m currently grinding out experience to get my levels up a bit so I can contend with him.  Hopefully the third time’s the charm! – NVJ

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