My Dragon Quest 8 Journey begins….again!

I’m currently typing this entry out while listening to the amazing Dragon Quest 8 title screen theme.  I recently went to a local thrift shop called Chumleighs.  They sell used games, game systems, cds, dvds, all kinds of good stuff.  While there I came across an old PS2 game, Dragon Quest 8.  It’s been 13 years since I played it.  I didn’t get very far when I first played it either.  I have been contemplating picking up the 3DS version but for $15, the price seemed right for this version.  Dragon Quest has been one of those series where I have only played a couple of the games (I know, it’s a sin).  I played the first one (the U.S one) Dragon Warrior on the NES.  We also recently picked up Dragon Quest Builders on the PS4 which is a great spin on the Minecraft formula.  Yeah…..  that’s the extent of my Dragon Quest gaming.  I vow to change that though.  I’m 3 hours into Dragon Quest 8 and I am absolutely loving it.  The music is phenomenal, honestly it’s on the same level of love I have for the Final Fantasy music (which I really really love).


The battle system is simple right now but I’m sure it’ll evolve as the game goes, and the game as a whole is just oozing with charm.  I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get back into it, or the series as a whole.  It’s sucked me in.  Who knows, maybe my younger self couldn’t appreciate it for what it was back then.  Maybe it was the Final Fantasy 12 demo that came with it that hooked me into buying it before.  I’ve completely embraced it and I don’t want to stop playing.  I’m currently trying to get into the Tower of Alexandria, I’ve learned of a secret passage around the side and I’m going to try and locate Jessica.  My characters Spud (I call every one of my main characters I play Spud.  It’s a reference to Spud Murphy from Trainspotting.  Fantastic book and movie if you haven’t checked them out) & Yangus are level 8.  I do remember the grind from back in the day, the good ol grind.  Just to get into the first little dungeon requires fighting countless monsters to be strong enough to fight the first boss Geyser, the creature from the black lagoon lookalike.  I will definitely be posting more about my adventures in future entries.  Once I get through this I will grab the other ones in the main series and play them.  Anyways, until next time 🙂 – NVJ

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